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.EDU Scholarship Backlinks from US Universities/Colleges

Some say Scholarship Link Building is dead, while other SEO agencies still offer it as one of their core link building services. Scholarship link building requires serious time and money, but the payoff can be well worth it. Colleges obviously have ridiculously high Domain Authority, and you can get a piece of that authority by getting one to link to you.

Scholarship link building isn’t a quick or easy strategy. It’s not the kind of strategy that’ll get you 100 new backlinks in a week. The reason you should invest in this strategy is because earning new .edu backlinks is extremely powerful for your website, even if it’s just a handful of them. School, college, university and other websites with .edu domains are the cream of the crop—they’re high quality and high authority, and Google is in love with high authority websites.

Does Scholarship Link Building Still Work?

Yes, scholarship link building still works. Despite the belief that this tactic is dead, it is perfectly viable to this day. I’ve tried this method personally and with my clients over five years now and it has worked well for me and my clients.

Pros & Cons

As with everything, there are some downsides to building links using scholarships. But, let’s take a look at the pros first.


  • Offering scholarships to cover students’ expenses is extremely charitable and generally a good thing to do.
  • It’s great for your Local SEO.
  • If you run an essay competition for your scholarship, you receive potential content which can be published on your website for free.
  • Scholarship EDU links can turn out to be cheaper than other links depending on outreach. 


  • Offering full-on scholarships is expensive.
  • Sometimes your links will have the No Follow attribute.
  • The traffic will be directed to your Scholarship page, and not your homepage/landing page.
  • Some of your links will be removed after a scholarship ends.


A well-crafted, meaningful scholarship campaign can enhance a company's brand image while giving it visibility in search results.

How does the Scholarship Outreach Campaign Works?

Select a Package

Fill in the Order details and select a package (Bronze or Gold), we will review the website and then get started on with the content for the Scholarship page. We will use a unique angle by which we can pitch the idea on universities/colleges. 

The Scholarship Page Content

Once we send the content for the scholarship page, we request the client to please post it as a "page" on their website and send us the scholarship page link for review. Once everything is approved, we will get started with the outreach campaign. 

The Scholarship Amount

Choose your scholarship amount $300, $500 or $1,000. You will get limited amount of applications, from which you can choose a winner based on the set guidelines. You can pick a winner from the set applicant and send the funds to the University's Financial Aid Office. 

Outreach Begins

We will get started contacting the US based universities/colleges requesting them to list our scholarship listings on their "External Scholarship" pages. The entire process takes around 30 days and you get a detailed report on completion of the campaign. 

Scholarship Link Building Packages

Bronze package
  • Links from 5 Colleges/Universities (.EDU)
  • Detailed Reporting




Frequently Asked Questions

Are the links DoFollow or NoFollow?

Most of the links secured are Dofollow, but a very small percentage of the links are also Nofollow for some universities. 

Can I check a Sample report before placing an order?

Sure just send me an email or a message on Skype and I will send you the sample report for review. 

Is this service effective in 2021?

No matter what though, you should ensure that your scholarship is part of an overall strategy, and not just a singular tactic to get links.

Need help entering details in order form?

Sure, you can drop me an email: amit [at] rankjump [dot] com or Add me on Skype: smartseoservices and we can help you out. 

How long will it take for my links to be finished?

It takes around 30 days for a typical campaign to be completed. We send detailed reports of all the links secured. 

Can I suggest edits to the scholarship page content

Sure, we can work together on the content of the scholarship page and feedback is always welcome. 


Approved - @BuildMoreLinks created the service for us and presented us with the links to the .edu sites.

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Refund Policy

If under any circumstances we fail to deliver your order under the promised TAT (30 days) , then we will be issuing a full refund. All sales are final once the order is placed. 

Contact Me

If you have any questions about the service or any package then you can contact me via Skype: smartseoservices or you can also email me: amit [at] rankjump [dot] com